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New Survey on Deposit Growth for 2024

When we want to know how bankers are planning for deposit growth in the upcoming months, we don’t just rely on projections from outside analysts and consultants - we go straight to the source.
We asked hundreds of community bank and credit union leaders to tell us their plans.

Download Survey Results

Our survey is a deep dive into their thoughts on the plans they’re making to understand how they’re managing their deposit growth and what actions they’re prioritizing to put them in place in 2024.

Our survey explores among other topics:

  • Whether they’re prioritizing organic growth or acquisitive growth

  • Where bankers are looking for deposit growth - for consumer and SMB accounts

  • What measures banks are prioritizing to boost interchange fees and primacy

  • Strategies they’re using to avoid deposit attrition

  • What FIs view as their biggest competitors for deposits

There are more than a few surprises in the data and we’ve included brief commentary for each response using our work with community FIs and based on two other surveys we’ve completed in 2023 with community FIs as well as SMB leaders.

It’s free, and it’s a great start to see where your FI is positioned relative to these FIs we surveyed.

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