Community Bankers Survey
on the 3 Ds
Deposits, Differentiation, and Decisions


Thursday, December 14, 2 PM ET


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After more than two decades working in the banking industry, we know that if you want to know what bankers are thinking, you simply ask them.

We did a survey in early 2023 regarding the revenue challenges bankers were facing. But the world has changed a lot since then, so we thought it was important to go back now and see how bankers' thinking has shifted as they plan for 2024’s challenges.

So, we again recently surveyed hundreds of community bankers and credit union leaders to see where they think the opportunities lie for their financial institutions in 2024.

As usual, they were candid. And their answers were revealing.


On December 14, at 2 pm ET, StrategyCorps Partner Mike Branton will reveal and discuss the survey results, getting inside the numbers and revealing insights behind what the numbers show.

Here are some areas he’ll cover:

  • Where bankers are looking for deposit growth on consumer and SMB accounts

  • What strategies bankers are prioritizing to stay competitive

  • How they’re approaching deposit attrition and primacy

  • Where they see their biggest competitors moving forward

Join Mike for this free webinar and Q&A on December 14, at 2:00 PM Eastern Time to find out more about what your banking peers are thinking about for 2024, and how it will help you prepare your community FI for the next challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

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Meet Mike


Mike Branton is a founding partner at StrategyCorps. In his 20+ years of experience working with financial institutions, he’s guided StrategyCorps’ clients through the ups and downs of industry and market cycles. He’s published many articles in industry publications and made presentations to hundreds of bankers at industry conferences and executive sessions.

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