Navigating Beyond the “Free Checking” Era in Business Checking

By Dave DeFazio The era of simply offering a free checking account for business checking customers is done. And community FIs’ biggest competitors – megabanks and digital banks – are well aware of that. They’ve been busy adding value to their business checking accounts, especially in the past few years. Unfortunately, it’s not the same…
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Revitalize Your SMB Checking Accounts and Take on the Megabanks

By Gregg Early A study done by the Independent Community Bankers Association (ICBA) revealed that community banks provide about 60% of SMB loans nationwide. That puts community financial institutions at the center of their communities. It also means that SMBs are a crucial part of a healthy community FI’s portfolio. Both these axioms are the…
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It’s Time to Get Beyond Basic Banking

By Gregg Early Few people get excited about basic banking – paying bills,  managing account balances.  However there is a way to augment these mundane banking functions by extending lifestyle-based banking features so that FIs can help consumers save money when they need to spend it.  Doing this offers a unique level of value that…
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Recording: Raise Your Business Payments Game

Download Presentation (PDF) In the past seven months we’ve seen wild swings in emerging risks and opportunities in the banking sector. That has meant community banks and credit unions have had to react quickly to short-term challenges, rather than set a course for long-term growth. But as the economy and markets settle down, it’s time…
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Remember Who Won David vs Goliath

Channel the Power of Organic Growth by Gregg Early   Let’s not talk about the past year. Let’s take the long view and talk about the past decade and a half. For nearly all of that time we lived in a “next normal” of quantitative easing, which brought along with it easy money and sustained…
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Client Story with CBC Federal Credit Union

Download as a PDF While most financial institutions are grappling to secure deposits in these times, CBC Federal Credit Union, situated in Oxnard, California, faces an unusual yet rewarding challenge – it has a surplus of new share certificate (CD) requests from across the country. CBC upped its CD rates to attract new members and,…
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Unleash the Power of Great Checking

More financial productivity, better consumer engagement, increased primacy, less reliance on overdraft fees — all driven by actionable analytics and mobile-first products.

This is what StrategyCorps does.

We generate $500,000 of new, recurring revenue per $1B of assets for financial institutions of all sizes by delivering the checking products consumers are demanding and your competition has failed to deliver.

average increase in account balance
more debit card swipes per month
more OD/NSF frequency annually
3.75X increase in consumer-friendly monthly recurring revenue

*Typical results




Identify who is a primary customer or member and who isn’t. Benchmark your current checking performance. Discover actionable insights to implement a strategy to optimize checking performance and consumer connection.



Our customizable, white-label mobile rewards app brings modern, in-demand, mobile-first benefits to your checking account lineup. The result? Digital engagement like none you’ve ever seen and the ability to unlock the subscription revenue pricing customers prefer.

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