Client Story with Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union

Download PDF Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union was originally chartered in 1935. It was organized by employees of the New Orleans Bell Telephone Employees Federal Credit Union but now it serves six parishes and has $163 million in assets. We were fortunate enough to sit down with President and CEO Shelley Sanders and Chief…
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OD/NSF Fees: The False Safety Net of Doing Nothing

By Mike Branton Given the proposed CFPB rules that are going into effect regarding OD/NSF fees, it’s the right  time to find out how banks and credit unions are dealing and planning to deal with this dominant source of non-interest income being increasingly scrutinized (yep, it’s classified as a “junk fee”) and regulated to generate…
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Recording: Transforming PFI into Personal Financial Interactions

Download Presentation (PDF) In the battle for banking relationships, fintechs and neobanks are vying for dominance. And they may be winning. In the last three years, digital banks have the largest growth rates of primary relationships. And now, more Millennials and Gen Z consumers name a digital bank as their primary institution than all of the community banks and…
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Client Story with Marquette Savings Bank

Download PDF Marquette Savings Bank has been in business in and around Erie, Pennsylvania for 115 years, with $1.2 billion assets under management. We had a chance to sit down with Senior Vice President of Deposit Operations Lisa Lopez and AVP and Retail Project Manager Madelynn Delgado to talk about their experience implementing a new…
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Recording: Subscription Revolution Webinar

Download Presentation (PDF) In the current banking environment primacy, organic growth, and product differentiation are keys to success for both retail and business accounts. Also, threats of OD/NSF fee cuts will directly or indirectly affect the entire banking industry. And many banking leaders know that “wait and see” is not an effective solution to these…
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Client Story with Cornerstone Bank

Download PDF Recently we had the pleasure to sit down with Executive Vice-President of Retail Banking Altaf Ahmed and Vice-President and Retail Sales Manager Mark Lussier for Cornerstone Bank. The bank’s headquarters is in Worcester, Massachusetts, and it operates 10 branches across central Massachusetts. Cornerstone was formed in 2017 when two mutual banks that had…
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Unleash the Power of Great Checking

More financial productivity, better consumer engagement, increased primacy, less reliance on overdraft fees — all driven by actionable analytics and mobile-first products.

This is what StrategyCorps does.

We generate $500,000 of new, recurring revenue per $1B of assets for financial institutions of all sizes by delivering the checking products consumers are demanding and your competition has failed to deliver.

average increase in account balance
more debit card swipes per month
more OD/NSF frequency annually
3.75X increase in consumer-friendly monthly recurring revenue

*Typical results




Identify who is a primary customer or member and who isn’t. Benchmark your current checking performance. Discover actionable insights to implement a strategy to optimize checking performance and consumer connection.



Our customizable, white-label mobile rewards app brings modern, in-demand, mobile-first benefits to your checking account lineup. The result? Digital engagement like none you’ve ever seen and the ability to unlock the subscription revenue pricing customers prefer.

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