Clip: A Conversation with John Hanley of Equity Bank

Equity Bank is a $5B full-service community bank with offices throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. They offer a full range of financial solutions, including commercial loans, consumer banking, mortgage loans, and treasury management services. Today, we’re talking about checking accounts with Equity Bank SVP and Senior Director of Marketing John Hanley. John, who has…
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Recording: How Are Bankers Planning for
This Year’s Revenue Challenges?

Download Mike’s Presentation (PDF) You can get your free copy of the survey results here. Industry researchers, investors, stock analysts, and major media outlets are telling a consistent story – 2023 will be a challenging year for financial institutions. This media echo chamber got us wondering – what are actual frontline banking executives thinking? And…
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5 Steps to Up Your Engagement Marketing Efforts

Attract and retain consumers with engaging benefits and a plan to educate people about it   By Trae Turner   It’s not breaking news that people’s lives are tied to their mobile devices. Look around. Whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, it seems wherever you go, people are incorporating their lives in one place…
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Recording: Fintech Transformers – Rise of Primacy

In the ever-transforming battle for customers/members, fintechs seek to be the new rulers of the banking universe. And the tides have turned. From 2019 to 2022, digital banks have the largest growth rates of primary relationships. Now, for the first time ever, more consumers in the Gen Y and Gen Z age groups name a…
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Redefining Primary Relationships

By Mike Branton and Dave DeFazio This article originally appeared in Bank Director.   Ask 100 bankers to define what it means to be the primary financial institution for a consumer, and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. Ask 100 consultants to bankers what being the primary FI entails, and you’ll probably get 100 more…
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Evolution Can Be More Dangerous than Revolution: Digital Adoption for US Banks and Credit Unions

By Adam Thompson   While there’s a lot of talk about industry or technology revolution, the fact is it’s generally evolution that transforms an industry and lays waste to stragglers and the stubborn. One industry where we can see what digital evolution has done is in consumer retail. At the turn of the century, major…
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Unleash the Power of Great Checking

More financial productivity, better consumer engagement, increased primacy, less reliance on overdraft fees — all driven by actionable analytics and mobile-first products.

This is what StrategyCorps does.

We generate $500,000 of new, recurring revenue per $1B of assets for financial institutions of all sizes by delivering the checking products consumers are demanding and your competition has failed to deliver.

average increase in account balance
more debit card swipes per month
more OD/NSF frequency annually
3.75X increase in consumer-friendly monthly recurring revenue

*Typical results




Identify who is a primary customer or member and who isn’t. Benchmark your current checking performance. Discover actionable insights to implement a strategy to optimize checking performance and consumer connection.



Our customizable, white-label mobile rewards app brings modern, in-demand, mobile-first benefits to your checking account lineup. The result? Digital engagement like none you’ve ever seen and the ability to unlock the subscription revenue pricing customers prefer.

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