Why primary relationships still matter and
how to identify, optimize and lock them down.

Wednesday, September 28, 2 p.m. ET


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Is it still realistic to expect to be the primary financial institution for consumers who have so many choices where to bank? 

Does it still even matter if your financial institution is the primary one for consumers? 

The answer to both questions is YES

And the FIs winning at expanding consumer primacy are doing it with a combination of insightful analytics, appealing products, and a memorable user experience.

Let’s face it, while a lot of things have changed in banking in the past decade, one thing remains crucial - keeping and growing primary accounts.


Join us
Wednesday, September 28 at 2 p.m. ET
for a fast-moving and insightful 45 minute discussion that addresses these key questions:

  • How do you measure who’s already a primary customer/member and who isn’t?
  • What retail checking products give your FI the advantage to be the primary FI?
  • What merchandising formula and pricing best optimizes engaging with your non-primary customers/members and locks down your primary ones better than ever?

StrategyCorps executives Dave Crook and Mike Branton will provide specific answers to these questions with industry examples, business case studies, and keen insights from years of experience in working with FIs.

Using our database that tracks more than 7 million checking accounts with over 1 billion data points, this presentation will address:

  • Consumer market and banking industry research that shows which FIs are really viewed as primary by consumers
  • Analytics that identify and quantify which households view you as their primary institution and which ones don’t
  • Relevant comparative financial peer metrics that will guide you in making great decisions about your product lineup to immediately generate new revenue

Meet the Experts


Dave Crook and Mike Branton have more than 20 years of experience working with financial institutions on retail checking strategies and products. 

Both are subscription model and revenue experts (long before Amazon Prime and Netflix) who help hundreds of financial institutions generate hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer-friendly recurring revenue from consumer checking products.

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