Becoming the Amazon Prime of Checking

Tuesday, April 19 | 11 am CT

What is a consumer-friendly way to generate replacement revenue to the declining overdraft and NSF fees? To interchange revenue being challenged by new payment systems?

The answer is all around you. Nearly every other major consumer-facing industry outside of banking has embraced the way consumers currently want to buy and pay for services - the subscription model. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Costco, Spotify, and many others (including FinTechs) have flourished by bringing value-based services priced at a reasonable recurring monthly or annual fee.

The subscription model has eluded the banking industry. However, with the questions surrounding OD/NSF fees, the industry is ripe with the opportunity to offer this pricing structure to new and existing products enhanced with fee-worthy features.

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Join us Tuesday, April 19 at 11 am CT, for an inside look at how StrategyCorps is bringing subscription revenue to retail checking with a value-added approach that customers/members embrace. This approach is already in place at nearly 400 financial institutions with participation rates averaging 34% of their checking customers.

We’ll share insights on how our customizable mobile rewards solution will better engage your customers or members with the personal services they’re demanding and how they will gladly pay for these services providing much-needed replacement revenue to declining OD/NSF fees.

Three primary takeaways from this exclusive livestream event:

Learn how the new-and-improved BaZing mobile rewards fit better than ever into modern retail checking products and top-performing lineup strategies.

Discover what features re-engage with non-primary, unengaged customers or members and protect primary ones.

Experience everything BaZing brings, including never-before-seen features and services as well examples of its subscription-related fee income performance.


Industry-shaping research is at your fingertips

Get ready for this event by downloading new market research into perspectives by bankers like you on the reality and severity of a "revenue recession" taking place and what's in store for the next 12 months.

Download our latest survey results from hundreds of bankers, Revenue Recession Realities — The Bankers' Perspective, for free today.

Meet the presenter


Dave DeFazio

Partner | StrategyCorps

Armed with a passion for banking strategy and being a subscription revenue expert, StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio has found great success and satisfaction in exploring the intersection of data, marketing, and technology in an increasingly mobile-centric world.

Dave downloads banking apps for fun. On the weekend. And talks about them at dinner with his family. His extensive financial services experience and continuous research in the field help him ensure that each product and service meets the needs of today's financial institutions. At StrategyCorps, Dave leads and manages the company’s direct sales efforts while working directly with financial institutions to design, build, and implement a variety of checking solutions.