What Are Bankers Doing
About Revenue Growth in 2023?

The trouble with many banking and credit union market reports is they don’t really represent what community financial institutions are contemplating because they usually focus on extremely large institutions.

Because we work with more than 350 community FIs and these FIs make up the mainstay of the industry, we thought it was time to find out how they’re navigating the current economic landscape.

We asked hundreds of community bank and credit union leaders what they’re planning for 2023, and where they see the greatest threats and opportunities.

What we found was sometimes surprising, sometimes reassuring. But we thought it was imperative to share this report with you for free.

Download Survey Results

Chasing Deposits, Replacing Fees, Hunting Loan Growth

Find out how leaders responded to questions like:

  • What are the top revenue concerns facing your financial institution in 2023?

  • What are your action plans for overdraft/NSF policy and fee changes?

  • What are your action plans for loan quality and demand?

And given our unique position in the industry developing deposit growth and replacement and enhanced revenue strategies in partnership with community FIs, we’ve also added our perspective on what the data reveals.

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