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Tracking OD Policy and Pricing Changes

Financial institutions of all sizes are looking at overdraft fees in a new light. Market forces and potential heightened regulatory scrutiny require OD/NSF policy changes in various forms like longer grace periods, more warning notifications, reduced or eliminated OD fees, and more.

As your FI is determining what it will do regarding overdraft fees, consider this your one-stop shop for info related to what other FIs are thinking, planning and doing about overdraft policy and pricing changes. Be sure to bookmark this page.



Below is a chart with links to their announcement and a timeline of these announced moves by financial institutions of all types and sizes all over the country. Our team is continuing to monitor reported OD changes by FIs and will update this page with the latest details. (When your FI has changed its OD fee policy, let us know!)


June 13

Frost Bank (B, F, G)

June 12

Zions Bank (B, C, F, G)

June 6

Flagstar (A, B, F, G)

June 6

New York Community Bank (A, B, F, G)

May 31

Langley Federal Credit Union (C, F, G)

May 31

Atlantic Union Bank (B, D, G)

May 31

Towne Bank – VA (C, F, G)

May 25

First Financial Bank – OH (B, C, D, G)

May 2

Midwest One (B, E, G)

May 2

Robins Financial Credit Union (C, F, G)

April 29

Fifth Third Bank (B, C, E, G)

April 27

Key Bank (C, D, E, F)

April 27

Cape Cod 5 Bank (A, E)

April 26

Renasant Bank (B, E, G)

April 25


April 12

Flushing Bank (A, E)

April 7

Stanford Federal Credit Union (C, F, G)

March 28

Citizens Bank (D, E, F)

March 25

Hancock Whitney Bank (A, D, F, G)

March 23

Ameris Bank (B, E, F, G)

March 14

Trustmark Bank (F, G)

March 7

Advantis Credit Union (C)

February 24

Citibank (A, C, G )

February 9

Amplify Credit Union (A, G)

February 8

M&T Bank (C, F, G)

February 7

University Credit Union (C)

February 7

First Interstate Bank (B, C, F, G)

January 26

First Citizens (C, G)

January 26

United Federal Credit Union – Michigan (C)

January 18

Truist Bank (A, E, F)

January 11

Wells Fargo (B,F)

January 3

MAX Credit Union (E, F)

December 8

Chase Bank (B, C, G)

December 1

Capital One Bank (A, G)

December 1

Westerra Credit Union (A)

November 17

Connexus Credit Union (C)

November 16

Eastern Bank (A)

November 12

Schwab Bank (A)

November 9

Santander (B)

November 2

ESL Federal Credit Union (C)

November 1

Affinity Credit Union (C, F)

November 1

CoVantage Credit Union (A)

October 21

US Eagle Credit Union (A)

October 4

Power Financial Credit Union (A)

September 8

Bank of America (C, G)

September 1

WEOKIE Federal Credit Union (C)

August 17

TIAA Bank (A)

August 12

Alliant Credit Union (A)

July 13

UW Credit Union (C)

June 28

TD Bank (D)

June 7

Ally Financial (A)

June 1

Regions Bank (G)

April 13

PNC (E, G)

February 22

First Citrus Bank (A)

January 11

Bank of America (C, G)

September 14

Huntington (B, F)

September 1

Wells Fargo (D)

June 17

Discover Bank (A)

What’s next after you make OD changes?

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