StrategyCorps Reaches New Product Milestones, BaZing App at All Time High for Number of Geofences Installed and Deal Notifications Sent

June 7, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StrategyCorps, a leading provider of innovative online and mobile-based consumer checking solutions, now offers an unprecedented amount of local deals through their rewards-based mobile app, BaZing. The app has deployed nearly 400,000 total geofences and counting in conjunction with local deals nationwide.

Not only does StrategyCorps’ BaZing app offer participating financial institutions’ customers more deals than ever before seen previously, but the product has also reached new highs in terms of usage volume. Recently, the BaZing app saw over 160,000 geofences triggered in just one day, meaning that users’ phones were in close enough proximity to eligible locations to identify the deal and send a push notification to the phone to remind users of an available discount. These deals stemmed from a wide range of business types, such as dining, shopping and services, and represented everyone from local merchants to national retailers.

“We’ve been able to better connect our customers to the great businesses in our community thanks to these notifications,” said Shelly Loftin, Chief Marketing Officer and Retail Director at StrategyCorps client Bear State Bank. “It has also provided a way for us to remind customers about their relationship with Bear State even when they’re outside of our branches.”

StrategyCorps’ BaZing app is a customizable rewards-based mobile solution that banks and credit unions can pair with their checking portfolios to offer customers additional value and increase fee-based income. In addition to local discounts, the app includes a range of other universally relevant benefits, such as cell phone protection, roadside assistance and identity theft protection.

Unlike with other rewards-based apps, BaZing supports individual offer control, allowing users to finely tailor their preferences to build a personalized notification experience. Along with standard on and off toggles, the app enables users to turn on notifications for specific categories, such as merchants related to dining, beauty or automotive, or curate a list of favorites that limits notifications to the specified vendors.

“We recognize that some people like getting notifications and some don’t. That’s why we provide users with nuanced notification features and preferences to control and manage notifications to align with their feelings about receiving them,” said Dave DeFazio, Partner at StrategyCorps. “By doing so, we let a user take advantage of valuable offers if they want to do so and accommodate those who care not to.”

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About StrategyCorps

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