Future of Overdrafts – Survey Results Webinar

The CFPB  is gunning for “junk fees”. In their definition of these fees, they include OD/NSF fees (and in recent ruling, credit card late fees).
While this proposed regulation of a maximum fee amount is targeting those FIs with $10 billion or more in assets, it’s just a matter of time before these price pressures impact smaller FIs as well. And the big FIs are certain to use low or no fees as a competitive differentiator against smaller FIs with high, legacy fees.
We thought it was an ideal time to learn from FI executives what measures they are (or aren’t) putting in place now to prepare for revenue declines due to these direct and indirect regulatory pressures.
So, we surveyed hundreds of FI executives to learn how they’re planning to manage OD/NSF strategies for both their consumer and SMB checking products.
This free webinar will discuss the results of The Future of Overdrafts survey as well as insights from hosts, StrategyCorps Partners Mike Branton and Dave Crook.