Recording: Subscription Revolution Webinar

In the current banking environment primacy, organic growth, and product differentiation are keys to success for both retail and business accounts. Also, threats of OD/NSF fee cuts will directly or indirectly affect the entire banking industry. And many banking leaders know that “wait and see” is not an effective solution to these challenges.

Fortunately, consumers have shown that they love to buy and pay for services on a subscription basis (think Amazon Prime, Netflix, Costco, and Spotify). Nearly every major industry dealing directly with consumers has adopted this pricing model, except the banking industry.

Learn insights on how BaZing and BaZingBiz will better engage your customers or members with the personal services today’s consumers and SMBs are demanding and why they will gladly pay for these services.


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Three primary takeaways from this exclusive livestream event:

  • Learn how the new-and-improved BaZing and BaZingBiz fit better than ever into modern retail checking product and top-performing lineup strategies.
  • Discover what features re-engage with non-primary, unengaged customers or members and protect primary ones.
  • Experience everything BaZing and BaZingBiz bring, including never-before-seen features and services as well examples of its subscription-related fee income performance.