Marketing Teams That Took It to the Next Level in 2020

By Dave DeFazio

One of the most fun parts of my job is to see our clients take things that we’ve built and make them even better. Since we have great clients, that happens all the time. Here are three simple, but awesome, examples that stood out to me in 2020.

Renasant Bank

Tupelo, Mississippi

As you’d expect from a bank selected as “One of the World’s Best Banks” by Forbes, Renasant Bank does a lot of things that are beyond the norm. This is especially true when you study the moves from their marketing team, led by John Oxford. John and team huddled up with ESPN college football icon Kirk Herbstreit, whom they named as brand spokesman, for a great content project that launched earlier this year.

My favorite part was a fun series called Renasant Rewards Extra Replay, which has Herbstreit calling out instant replays featuring how the bank’s Renasant Rewards Extra checking account features use some of our BaZing services to help solve the challenges of various customer life events, like a broken cell phone or a flat tire.

U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’ve had the great fortune for many years to be entertained by marketing content from my friend, John Kenjar, so it didn’t surprise me that they’d do great things with BaZing.  I really enjoyed the series of video ads that John produced with the marketing team at U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union.

Check out this funny piece highlighting  ID Theft Aid and Credit Monitoring offered via the credit union’s Perks Checking:


Columbus, Mississippi

BankFirst let its customers do the talking about the benefits of BaZing, with a simple, but very effective, social media campaign featuring customer PERKS testimonial stories.

Leon Manning is one of the most innovative bankers that I know, so it didn’t surprise me that BankFirst was one of the first financial institutions in the country to feature bill negotiation services from BillShark, and this service provided valuable storytelling content for the campaign.

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StrategyCorps now offers the BillShark service as a featured benefit of the BaZing app. Before I go, I’ll offer up my own BillShark testimonial — the service helped me save $840 per year on my AT&T cell phone plan!

StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio leads and manages the company’s direct sales efforts while working directly with financial institutions to design, build, and implement a variety of checking solutions in an increasingly mobile-centric world. You can reach Dave on LinkedIn or by email at