Accidental Death Insurance

Insurance is a product everybody buys and hopes they don’t have to use. But when there’s an unforeseen accidental death event, your customers or members will appreciate your FI for having a valuable checking account benefit available to them in their time of need.

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in coverage and even more peace of mind

BaZing accounts holders get immediate coverage when their accounts are made effective at your bank or credit union — with no stacks of paperwork or piles of forms to sign. Many consumers already pay for third-party AD insurance elsewhere at a much higher cost than the coverage your FI provides with BaZing.


I had a customer that lost her husband in an auto accident in May. He had two First Community Bank accounts powered by BaZing that included Accidental Death Insurance, which was the silver lining to this tragedy. It was with great pleasure that I was able to help process our customer’s claim, and she received her insurance check in the mail today. In fact, she was so appreciative that she was crying when she told us about it! Thank you, BaZing, for being so great to work with during her time of need!

- Sandra C. (Bluefield, VA)


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At StrategyCorps, we help financial institutions grow retail checking relationships and the revenue they generate with innovative and energizing solutions. Contact us to learn how BaZing can provide your financial institution with great checking products and performance. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re an existing StrategyCorps client who is interested in adding this benefit, please contact your client manager or email client services.

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