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King of the Hill: Mobile App Edition

Friday, June 25 | 2 p.m. CT

Want to know which apps are reimagining every aspect of banking and winning the battle for Millennial customers? Join StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio for a live look at the tools fintech disruptors like Dave, Chime, Capital One Shopping, Lemonade, and others have created to help tech-savvy consumers reimagine their everyday banking tasks while enticing them with new places to save their cash — instead of a checking account at your financial institution.

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  • 6.20.21 - 6.22.21 | Sea Island, GA

  • 7.12.21 - 7.14.21 | Ponte Vedra, Florida

    Dave DeFazio Presenting | 7.13.21 | 11:05am - 12pm 
    Planet of the Apps: The Evolving Battle for Customers and Cross-Selling in a Mobile World

  • CalCom FCU Planning Session

    7.26.21 | Long Beach, CA

    Dave DeFazio Presenting | 7.26.21 | 1:30pm PST
    King of the Hill: Mobile App Edition

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