BaZing Cell Phone Protection

Most consumers can’t imagine their financial institution providing cell phone protection. However, a broken or stolen cell phone is a financial event for your customers and members. This benefit lets your FI be their financial first responder when this happens.


Consumers are in a relationship with their cell phones. If their cell phone gets broken or stolen, BaZing will reimburse them for whatever they paid to have their phone repaired or replaced, up to their maximum coverage amount.

We handle every “thing”— all your customers or members have to do is download the claim form in the app or contact BaZing Member Services within 60 days of damage or theft to get the process started.


“Cell phone protection was my lifesaver! After I dropped my phone and cracked the screen, it cost me more than $200 to get repaired. I filed a claim with BaZing and sent in a copy of my receipt… and I was mailed a check for reimbursement!”

- Mikal E. (Barboursville, WV)


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