Financial Wellness

Making sure your customers/members and their loved ones have the necessary estate planning documents in place, organized, and easily accessible is an essential part of financial wellness.  Providing easy-to-use, convenient online estate planning services complements the information and advice provided by your other personal financial management tools.

Your customers/members need your guidance on financial wellness.

It may surprise you to know that only...

American adults have
an estate plan
18- to 34-year-olds,
27% of 25- 54-year-olds,
and 45% of 55+ have a will
American adults have
a healthcare power of attorney

Your customer/members can create everything from wills, living trusts, power of attorney, healthcare proxies, to pet power of attorney and pet trusts.

And best of all, they can create all these documents for FREE!


Protect Dependents
Providing these resources will  deliver peace of mind, allowing customers/members to declare legal guardians and guarantee that their minor children, adult dependents and pets will be cared for.

Express Their Wishes
Customers/members can state their wishes and name people they trust to make decisions for them if they can’t speak for themselves.

Best of all, they can securely store and share documents and access them anytime, from anywhere. And they can access and amend the documents as your needs or state and federal laws change.

And if they have questions, there are free coaches and instructional videos, as well as alerts when laws change.


“Within 20 minutes I had my will, health care proxy, and power of attorney for finances. I had seen others going through life events but other than caring for my parents, I hadn’t gone through any myself. Then, life snuck up on me and all of a sudden, I was changing my health care proxy… Thankfully, part of the beauty of Gentreo is that I could easily and quickly go in and update my choices as part of my membership.”

- Julie F.


Instant access.
Instant results.

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