Bazing Fuel

Imagine your customers or members going to the pump and getting cheaper gas every single month. Think about it, while they’re right there at the pump, they’ll appreciate your financial institution making that happen for them!

Inspired by popular grocery store programs, BaZing Fuel takes fuel rewards to a whole new level, powering debit card usage, brand loyalty, and mobile engagement.


of consumers would pay with debit instead of credit to save 10¢ per gallon on gas.

Your customers or members earn awards immediately upon enrollment and monthly after that, fueling instant engagement every time they gas up!

BaZing Fuel is easy for your FI to implement (with absolutely no core processor integration) and easy to use with a great mobile app experience.

We pay all redemption costs, so it is financially hassle-free with no liability for unused redemption rewards to carry on your balance sheet!

Relevant debit card rewards

Many debit card rewards have questionable redemption value. Not BaZing Fuel, which provides your checking account holders with tangible fuel rewards simply by using their debit cards— cash savings at the time of purchase at participating Shell stations in your community or across the country.


When you’re ready to boost customer or member engagement through incentivized debit card usage while kicking your replacement revenue and wallet share metrics into high gear, fill up on BaZing Fuel.


I use my debit card as much as I can. With BaZing Fuel, I began saving at least 10¢ per gallon per month. Some months I swiped my card enough to save up to 50¢ per gallon. Feels so good to save every month when I gas up. Thanks, BaZing!

- Adam Y.


Instant access.
Instant results.

At StrategyCorps, we help financial institutions grow retail checking relationships and the revenue they generate with innovative and energizing solutions. Contact us to learn how BaZing can provide your financial institution with great checking products and performance. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re an existing StrategyCorps client who is interested in adding this benefit, please contact your client manager or email client services.

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