Identity Monitoring

Did you know that a material percentage of your customers or members who walk through your branch’s front door will experience identity theft? That’s why we’ve made identity monitoring a key feature of BaZing to protect them today and tomorrow.

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ID theft and fraud reports received by the FTC in 2020


of first-time identity theft victims will have their identity stolen a second time
Here’s how Identity Monitoring protects your customers or members:

We scour the internet and dark web looking for activity associated with your customer’s or member’s identity, including illegal traded or sold information.

We monitor loan accounts and alert your customer or member if a non-credit loan has been opened using any element of their identity.

We review court records and track law enforcement bookings to uncover any criminal offenses tied to your customer’s or member’s name and date of birth.

We perform regular Social Security number traces to examine all names and aliases associated with your customer’s or member’s SSN.

Finally, we track all change of address information and notify your customer or member directly if their mail is being redirected to another address.


No Extra Cost

Many companies charge people $10-$15 per month for similar coverage, but your customers or members with checking accounts powered by BaZing get Identity Monitoring at no extra cost. And, once activated by your customer or member, Identity Monitoring is “always on.” This means it’s at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Instant access. Instant results.

At StrategyCorps, we help financial institutions grow retail checking relationships and the revenue they generate with innovative and energizing solutions like identity monitoring. Contact us to learn how BaZing can provide your financial institution with great checking products and performance. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re an existing StrategyCorps client who is interested in adding this benefit, please contact your client manager or email client services.


“BaZing emailed me to tell me that someone tried opening accounts in my name, and they passed. It turns out my credit union closed and opened new accounts for me. BaZing was right on top of this. It’s a wonderful thing!”

- Sandra Fisher (Nashville, TN)

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