Smart Financial Health

Credit/Identity Monitoring and Credit Score, powered by BaZing, provides Experian's best of class tools and info to let your customers and members make better decisions to manage their financial health.

Their credit score, factors that affect it and what can be done to strengthen it, comprehensive credit monitoring, a full credit report, and identity monitoring all in one user-friendly, convenient dashboard.


Check Engine Light
for Your Finances

A credit score is like a check engine light when financial things aren’t running right and a leading indicator when finances are hitting on all cylinders. Tuning up or maintaining a credit score can make or break your accountholders’ chances to get the mortgage or car loan needed to get ahead in life.


Credit and Identity Monitoring

Your customers or members need a financial “watchdog” to protect their credit history and personal information from being compromised by more and more bad guys out there. Credit and identity monitoring puts alerts at everyone’s fingertips to keep the identity thieves at bay - every day!

Payment History

It’s a big deal! Past payment performance is a critical indicator of future performance in the eyes of a lender. Informing accountholders’ of their payment history allows them to get and stay on the right payment track that will ultimately help win their personal financial race.


Score History

Just like you learned in school, history tends to repeat itself. The credit score history of your customers and members is no different. Help educate them with their own personal timelines of past credit scores, trend lines and how this impacts their current credit score. They’ll be ready to be the first in their class with this information in hand.


“I love that BaZing has made all this information basically a one-stop shop for me to know and manage my financial health. Plus, I worry about identity theft and this lets me easily see if there is any suspicious activity going on that needs to be dealt with. My life is very busy and getting this info easily on my phone is a wonderful thing!”

- Sandra Fisher (Nashville, TN)

Here’s how
Credit and Identity
Monitoring protects
your customers
or members


We scour the internet and dark web looking for activity associated with your customer’s or member’s identity, including illegally traded or sold information.

We monitor loan accounts and alert your customer or member if a non-credit loan has been opened using any element of their identity.

We review court records and track law enforcement bookings to uncover any criminal offenses tied to your accountholders’ name and date of birth.

We perform regular Social Security number traces to examine all names and aliases associated with your customer’s or member’s SSN.

Finally, we track all change of address information and notify a user directly if their mail is being redirected to another address.

Big coverage
without the big cost.

Many companies charge $10-$15+ per month for similar services. Your FI’s checking accounts that include BaZing powered Credit and Identity Monitoring (as well as other valuable BaZing benefits like cell phone protection and roadside assistance) are typically priced at $5-$7 per month, saving your users a lot of their hard-earned money on these great benefits they’re likely already buying from another company. And with one-time activation by your customer or member, monitoring services are always on 24/7/365.


Instant access.
Instant results.

StrategyCorps provides analytical services and custom designed innovative checking products that produce consumer-friendly recurring revenue and deepen relationships, making your financial institution the primary FI for more customers and members. Contact us to learn how your financial institution can be a retail checking top performer.

If you’re already a StrategyCorps client interested in adding credit and identity monitoring, please contact your clientmanager or email client services.

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