Identity Theft Assistance

When a surprising identity theft event happens, your customers or members look to your FI to help them recover and restore their identity-related information. Be ready to have their back with Identity Theft Assistance.

These three components of Identity Theft Assistance navigate the complicated process of managing the impact on your customer’s or member’s credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity.
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    Payment Card
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    Personal Identity Protection

ID Theft Assistance reimburses qualified expenses related to these costs:


Unauthorized or illegal use of names

Account information

Social Security-related information

Lost wages

Credit Reports

Court fees

Application costs related to ID theft

Should your customers or members need assistance, our fraud specialists will initiate three-way calls with them and each of their creditors. This will help them cancel their existing cards and get new ones. We can even initiate a fraud alert with each of the three credit reporting agencies to help protect your customer or member from any future fraudulent activity.


Identity Restoration is always just one call away - saving your customers or members time and money!

Your customers or members don’t have to do paperwork to register for Identity Theft Assistance. They just open the BaZing app and tap the ID Theft Assistance tile, or call 855-U-BAZING to connect with a fraud specialist.


“I got an alert that a new line of credit had been opened using my information. I called BaZing and talked to a representative, who then transferred me to an ID Theft Assistance specialist. Within about five minutes, they had a fraud alert out with all three credit bureaus and put me in contact with the company that opened the line of credit so that I could get it shut down.”

- Mark Miller (Topeka, KS)


Instant access.
Instant results.

At StrategyCorps, we help financial institutions grow retail checking relationships and the revenue they generate with innovative and energizing solutions. Contact us to learn how BaZing can provide your financial institution with great checking products and performance. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re an existing StrategyCorps client who is interested in adding this benefit, please contact your client manager or email client services.

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