Luggage Protection

Nothing can take the fun and freedom out of a holiday faster than lost or damaged luggage. And that’s particularly true now that so many travel with a number of digital devices in our carry-ons as well as our checked bags.


Having an extra layer of protection never hurts when you’re traveling. And now, when you book your travel with BaZing, you and your spouse or family that are traveling with you are covered for any loss or damage that occurs.

Often, airlines, trains, and cruise lines have limits to the damages they will pay that still can leave travelers out of pocket for some of their lost or damaged items. Having BaZing Luggage Insurance allows you to get the full value of your items that lost, damaged, or stolen.


According to the Department of Transportation


bags were mishandled in just the first quarter of 2022. And that’s just the airlines.


Also bear in mind that while many carriers will cover lost or “mishandled” checked bags (mishandled means damaged or pilfered), they don’t cover your carry-on bags from damage or theft. 

BaZing Luggage Coverage does.

What’s more, this insurance coverage is provided by Chubb, one of the most respected names in the property insurance markets, operating in more than 55 countries.


This benefit is supplemental to and excess of any collectible insurance and/or collectible reimbursement from any other source. The Plan Administrator will refund the excess amount once all other reimbursement has been exhausted up the limit of liability.



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