Pet Insurance

The cost of healthcare continues to rise, and that includes what we pay to take care of our dear non-human companions. That’s why we have partnered with one of the nation’s top pet healthcare companies to deliver significant discounts and benefits to pet owners that go far beyond simply discount care and prescriptions.


This benefit provides a big discount on comprehensive pet insurance that covers bundled pet discounts, unlimited vet support, and even warranties for property damage.

According to a CareCredit study, the average annual pet health care costs — which include expected wellness expenses and sick pet and emergency care — range from $534 to $1285 for dogs.

$534 – $1285
Average Annual Pet Care Costs


In addition to pet insurance, this benefit includes other great features like ID tags linked to Pet Cloud, where you can store all the information about your furry friend and access it wherever you are.

It also includes 24/7 Virtual Pet for health support whenever you need it as well as discounts on pet medication.

What’s more, Pet Plus even includes warranty protection from damage your four-legged domestic partner may cause in your home.

And it’s easy to get started!

  • Go to any licensed vet
  • Send in the claim for invoices and services
  • Claims are processed within two weeks
  • No breed or age restrictions
  • Flexible deductible, out-of-pocket max and reimbursement levels
  • Annual max payouts instead of per-incident
  • Simple claims submission and tracking

“I used the pet care services for Carrie (my dog) and her ear infection. Speaking with Dr. Tracy about Carrie, I felt like I was sitting in the office with Dr. Tracy discussing the problem. She took the time to explain every detail that I needed to know to help resolve this problem.”

- Karen R.
Bayonne, NJ


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