Roadside Assistance

Provide essential benefits to your customers or members on the road. Give them peace of mind knowing that BaZing has their backs (even if their vehicles don’t!)

Roadside assistance is available 24/7. It's easy to use. Just tap the Roadside Assistance button in the app, and be connected to the service you need.


100 Million

Nearly 100 million consumers already pay for 24/7 roadside assistance — around $100 a year or more to providers like AAA or Allstate for similar coverage that comes at no additional cost with a checking account powered by BaZing!


95% of drivers in the U.S. have experienced a disabled vehicle or had a loved one stranded at least one time.

Here’s how
Roadside Assistance
covers these common
vehicle-related issues

Your customers or members are covered up to $80 dollars in expenses per incident, which means they won’t pay a penny unless the cost of service exceeds $80 — and most ordinary services don’t!

  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Towing


  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Battery

    Dead Battery

  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Tire

    Flat Tire

  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Oil

    Oil Change

  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Lockout

    Lock Out

  • Roadside-Icons-Features-Blue-Collision



I’ve used roadside assistance twice: once for a dead battery and once for a flat tire. The experience of requesting assistance with a tap on the BaZing app was amazing. Plus, I’ve dropped my membership to another roadside assistance company, saving me $163 a year.

- Dawn C.


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