Local Discounts

By offering local deals on the BaZing mobile app, you become a powerful connector between customers and small businesses in your community. 


Cell Phone Protection

If a customer's phone is broken or stole, BaZing pays to have it repaired or replaced, up to $400 per claim (maximum of $800 per year).


Prescription and Health Savings

Customers with and without health insurance are impacted by saving up to 50% on prescriptions, over 15% on hearing aids and up to 50% on frames, lenses and Lasik surgeries. 


Online shopping discounts

Name brand retailers like Target, Kohl's Verizon and hundreds more are also included in the BaZing discount network.


Roadside Assistance

Available to customers 24/7. It's free to use, up to $80 in service charges. 


Travel savings on hotels, car rentals, recreation and more.

Thanks to BaZing, your bank swoops in and saves the day every time the high price of traveling gets in a customer's way.


  • Payment card fraud resolution — if payment cards are lost or stolen, a personal fraud specialist is ready to assist. 

  • $2,500 in personal identity protection — Reimbursement for covered expenses to restore a customer’s identity

  • Identity restoration — Unlimited access to personal fraud specialists who provide identity recovery and restoration assistance.

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