BaZing’s Got My Back

Car trouble - couple looking under the hood

By Clay Crenshaw

Having worked with financial institutions over the last few decades on their retail checking account strategies, I find myself so focused on things like fee income, analytics, and net interest margins that I forget how relevant and impactful our products can be. 

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share a quick story with you.

One cold and rainy December morning, my wife, Mary, decided to leave the house a little early to avoid the crowds and finish her Christmas shopping a few weeks before the big day. To achieve maximum efficiency, she left me at home, in charge of parenting our two young children. 

On her way home from Academy Sports and Outdoors, Mary called and let me know that, while driving down I-20 near Weatherford, Texas, her truck began making awful sounds and that her dashboard had lit up like a Christmas tree full of warning lights. 

Luckily she was able to limp the truck off the highway and make it to a truck stop. 

After a few minutes, I determined that Mary’s truck was not only undrivable but that it was most likely headed to the junkyard as well. So, I got the kids ready while Mary opened her BaZing app to contact Roadside Assistance.

By the time I got our children in the car and drove the seven miles to the truck stop where Mary was stranded, we had to wait just five more minutes for a tow truck to arrive. I’ve used BaZing’s Roadside Assistance benefits in the past for flat tires and dead batteries, and things have always gone well. But this time, it was even better. 

I was so relieved to know that the BaZing member services specialist took the time to make sure my wife was safe and that they had a tow truck to her location within 20 minutes. At the end of the day, BaZing had made sure my wife was safe, got a tow truck on site in short order, and its operator hauled Mary’s truck 55 miles to a mechanic I trust for the BaZing-negotiated rate of $85. (Honestly, a tow of that length would typically cost around $350.) 

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The performance and professionalism displayed in this instance were second to none. Thank you, BaZing!

Imagine hearing stories like Clay’s from your own customers or members — stories in which they thank you and your financial institution for being there for them in their time of need. When you’re ready to see how modern, mobile-first checking products will help you optimize productivity and build deeper relationships with consumers in your market, let us know how we can help!