Economic Realities of Retail Checking Webinar

Protect and Grow Your Best Customers/Members.
Fix and Grow Those Customers/Members Costing Your Financial Institution Money.
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Join Mike Branton as he shares insight gleaned from StrategyCorps’ own CheckingScore solution that tracks the financial performance of nearly seven million checking accounts covering 600 million data points.

In just 30-minutes, here's what you'll learn

15 relevant performance benchmarks and their trend lines over the past 2-3 years

How not all relationships are created equally when segmented by householded revenue

Strategies to cure the drag on earnings caused by 35% of total checking accounts being financially unproductive

Countdown to Better Checking Economics


Meet the presentor


Mike Branton

Partner | StrategyCorps

Mike has expertise in retail checking financial performance and how to practically and smartly apply performance analytics into an action plan that has worked at over 300 financial institutions of all sizes. He has presented at major industry conferences nationwide on retail checking strategic excellence.