Make Customer Engagement Your Priority

Wednesday, November 4, 11 a.m. ET

Primary relationships are more important than ever in today’s battle for the consumer. Right now, the megabanks are winning the primacy battle and retaining households at the expense of your financial institution. Simply put, securing consumer primacy is critical to your financial institution’s ability to generate top-performing results.

Join StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio for this exclusive, live presentation in which you’ll learn how to not just identify your primary and non-primary accounts, but how to design and build modern products that grow relationships, revenue, and mobile engagement as well.

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Wednesday, November 4, 11 a.m. ET

Three primary takeaways from attending:

Learn why you must jump-start relationship growth with existing customers and not just rely on new ones for account growth and profitability.

See how the subscription-based pricing model has materialized in the banking marketplace and how mobile rewards fuel that model.

Discover exciting new account features that will help you go beyond basic banking products and transform non-primary relationships into primary ones.

Meet the presenter:


Dave DeFazio

Partner | StrategyCorps

StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio downloads banking apps for fun. On the weekend. And talks about them at dinner with his family. Armed with a passion for banking strategy, StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio has found great success and satisfaction in exploring the intersection of data, marketing, and technology.

At StrategyCorps, Dave leads and manages the company’s direct sales efforts while working directly with financial institutions to design, build, and implement a variety of checking solutions in an increasingly mobile-centric world. Dave’s extensive financial services experience and continuous research in the field help him ensure each product and serves meets the needs of today’s financial institutions.