Make Featurization Your Focus

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When the first so-called “challenger banks” (like Simple and Moven) appeared on the scene, they were heralded as “disruptors” who were going to put traditional banks and credit unions out of business. Although that didn’t happen, others like Chime, Dave, Marcus, Earnin, CashApp, and MoneyLion are prospering during the pandemic.

We invite you to join StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio on Tuesday, June 8 at 2 p.m. CT, as he unveils new market research into consumer behaviors and attitudes in today’s subscription-based society and lends insight into the personal, product, and financial relationships community banks, credit unions, digital banks, and — yes — Big Tech have with their customers and members.

Join Dave as he takes you on a journey through the new and improved BaZing mobile rewards app, which now features consumer-friendly, revenue-driving features like BaZing Fuel and Billshark.

Three primary takeaways from this exclusive research reveal:

Discover what features protect primary members and re-engage non-engaged, nonprimary ones.

See how consumers view banking with Google, other Big Techs, and digital banks versus traditional FIs.

Learn how BaZing fits better than ever into modern retail checking products and top-performing lineup strategies.


Industry-shaping research is at your fingertips

Get ready for this event by downloading new market research into consumer behaviors and attitudes that threaten the roles community-based FIs play, as well as the relationships banks and credit unions have with their customers and members.

Download our latest white paper, Competing with Google Plex and the Digital Banks: How Community-Based Financial Institutions Can Regain Their Mojo, for free today.

Meet the presenter


Dave DeFazio

Partner | StrategyCorps

StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio has found great success and satisfaction in exploring the intersection of data, marketing, and technology. Dave’s extensive financial services experience and continuous research in the field help him ensure that each product and service meets the needs of today's financial institutions. At StrategyCorps, Dave works directly with financial institutions to design, build, and implement a variety of checking solutions.