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Thursday, July 22 | 2 p.m. ET

Now that things are getting pretty much back to normal, we want to reconnect with our strategic partners and show you what we’ve been working on with our mobile rewards app (BaZing) to help your financial institution clients better digitally engage with their customers or members while generating much-needed non-interest income (especially with overdraft fees in the cross-hairs of the regulators and politicians).

FIs are under mounting pressure to find great products they can distribute through their new or forthcoming digital product delivery channels: features and services that will combat flat or declining NSF/OD fees and interchange fees. That’s exactly what BaZing can deliver!

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Products are more important than ever, and your FI clients are struggling with going beyond basic banking products to deliver in their new digital sales channels. Wider distribution channels with boring, vanilla products won’t cut it for FIs to succeed in today’s marketplace. 

Join us Thursday, July 22, for an inside (and brief) look at how we can help you help your financial institution clients achieve greater financial productivity and superior consumer engagement.


Meet the presenters


Dave DeFazio

Partner  |  StrategyCorps


Mike Branton

Partner  |  StrategyCorps

Dave DeFazio and Mike Branton are partners at StrategyCorps. They have nearly 40 years of combined experience working with financial institutions on retail checking strategies and products. Dave and Mike are subscription model and revenue experts (and were succeeding long before Amazon Prime and Netflix) who have helped hundreds of financial institutions generate hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer-friendly recurring revenue from consumer checking products. Learn more about Dave at linkedin.com/in/davedefazio, Mike at linkedin.com/in/mikebranton, and StrategyCorps at www.strategycorps.com.