Powering Primary Relationships

If your financial institution is going to win the battle for retail checking customers, you must develop a strategy that is simple to follow, quickly implementable, and immediately results-driven. 

The winning approach will only be realized when financial institution executives responsible for retail checking performance leverage the power of consumer PRIMACY, fulfilled with mobile-first PRODUCTS, and measured by newfound PROFITABILITY. (It’s PPP that doesn’t require dealing with the SBA.)

Like you, we dislike long, drawn-out presentations. We know you’re busy, and with a bazillion webinar invites hitting your inbox each day, we want to make it easy for you to gain the knowledge you need to win the battle for retail checking customers.

That’s why we’ve planned a series of three well-defined, 30-minute live webinars led by StrategyCorps partners Dave Crook and Mike Branton, each focused on just one of the “three Ps”: primacy, products, and profitability.

We invite you to join us Tuesday, October 27, at 2 p.m. CT for the first webinar, entitled Powering Primary Relationships. If Dave and Mike make a good-enough impression, you can decide whether to join them for our next two live events.

Mark your calendar for this exclusive live event!
Tuesday, October 27, at 2 p.m. CT

Using our database that tracks more than seven million checking accounts with nearly a billion data points, here are three primary takeaways from Powering Primary Relationships:

Analytics that identify and quantify which households view you as their primary institution and which ones don’t

Relevant comparative financial peer metrics that will guide you into making great decisions about your new products lineup

Discover openings to lock down primary customers, reacquire non-primary ones and immediately generate new revenue

Meet the presenters:


Dave Crook

Managing Partner

Mike Branton   Partner   Mike directs overall corporate strategy, operational and financial performance and solution development. Under his and his colleagues

Mike Branton


Dave Crook and Mike Branton are founding partners at StrategyCorps. Each has more than 20 years of experience working with financial institutions on retail checking strategies and products. They are subscription model and revenue experts (and were succeeding long before there was Amazon Prime and Netflix) who have helped hundreds of financial institutions generate hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer-friendly recurring revenue from consumer checking products. Learn more about StrategyCorps.