Get a Grip on Your Retail Checking Strategy

If your financial institution is going to win the battle for retail checking customers, it must develop a strategy that is simple to follow, quickly implementable, and immediately results-driven. We will help you get started with a webinar series shown below that discusses how consumer primacy and modern products fit together to design, build, and launch a top-performing retail checking lineup.

The first recording shown provides an overview of primacy, product, and the financial payoff. The others each present a deeper dive into product and primacy. Watch one or watch them all!

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The Payoff of Consumer Primacy and Modern Products

There are proven ways that primacy and product can monetize your retail checking lineup by protecting and growing your best relationships — and reacquiring and growing the ones that are dragging down your financial institution’s earnings — with more recurring fee income, debit swipes, low-cost deposits, and additional relationships.

Modernizing Checking Products

Checking products are more important than ever to grow your customer/member base, generate new revenue sources, and connect with today’s digital consumer to drive more engagement.

Powering Primary Relationships

Generating new revenue and keeping consumers engaged isn’t getting any easier, and the sense of urgency to do so is an ever-growing priority. Identifying who considers you as their Primary FI and who doesn’t is the first step to road-mapping your checking lineup design and simplification with strategies that protect and grow primary relationships and reacquire and grow non-primary ones.

Meet the Presenters

Dave Crook and Mike Branton are founding partners at StrategyCorps. They are subscription model and checking product experts who have brought recurring revenue and modern checking strategies to hundreds of financial institutions over the last 20 years, generating hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer-friendly revenue. Learn more about StrategyCorps.

Dave Crook | Managing Partner
Mike Branton | Partner

We're here to help

Since 2001, StrategyCorps has been the industry leader in providing retail checking solutions to hundreds of banks and credit unions. Our CheckingScore® analytics and BaZing® mobile reward solutions modernize and differentiate your checking products.

The result? Stellar consumer engagement beyond basic banking and material friendly non-interest income — typically $500,000 of annual recurring revenue per billion dollars of assets.