Relationship Banking:

A Better Way to Connect

Offering a suite of premium benefits and value-added services to consumers, while giving community-based financial institutions the power to be present in the lives of their customers

Solutions that Stick

We believe in giving consumers what they want, and providing community-based financial institutions with the tools that help them understand their customers. 

Big Benefits, Smart Savings

There are so many ways to save with BaZing. Mobile discounts at over 40,000 retailers, cell phone protection, roadside assistance and more.

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Optimizing your Relationships

CheckingScore data helps you understand your customers so you can protect your most profitable relationships while evolving the unprofitable ones. 

Why We're Different

We're proud to support community banking by offering consumers value-added services to their checking accounts. Through a suite of premium benefits, community-based financial institutions have the power to be present in the lives of modern consumers.