BaZing Gets a New Look With an Updated UI

We have good news. BaZing just got even better! We’re bringing the BaZing app into 2020 with a refreshed and updated user interface. This update will give BaZing users a modern design, intuitive navigation, and overall better user experience.

What’s new:

The Home Page

The BaZing home page now consists of a set of interactive tiles to make it easy to navigate to each users’ favorite BaZing features and benefits, such as Roadside Assistance, Cell Phone Protection, ID Theft, and the Health Savings. 

Above and to the left of the tiles, we’ve also added a section for users to track their Lifetime Savings and how many badges they’ve earned from using BaZing discounts. Who doesn’t love to see how much they’ve saved?

Deals Page

The deals page has also been redesigned to use a set of tiles so users can easily access all of the great ways they can save with the BaZing app. It’s simple to switch between shopping discounts at their favorite local businesses, getting discounts on their prescriptions, and then finding deals on hotels, all with a few taps of their fingers.

User Profile

Users can now personalize their BaZing app with a profile picture of their choosing.

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This update will in no way affect how discounts or benefits function. The update was designed solely to make using the BaZing app a breeze for users, so they can make better use of all the great benefits, services, and discounts that BaZing offers.