StrategyCorps’ BaZing App Offers Record Number of Local Merchant Deals, More Than 360,000 Nationwide

May 23, 2017 

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StrategyCorps, a leading provider of mobile and online-based consumer checking solutions, today announced that its local merchant discount network, provided through its rewards-based mobile app BaZing, has grown to an all-time high in terms of participation. The bank customers and credit union members of StrategyCorps’ financial institutions using the app can now access more than 360,000 discounts nationwide wherever they live, work or travel.

For the financial institutions, this expanding merchant network provides a visible connection with the small business community in their geographical operating areas.

StrategyCorps continues to invest in and grow the local merchant discount network through its local merchant acquisition division, BaZing Local, which works alongside financial institution clients to promote “shop local” by adding small business customers and prospects. Participation by local merchants through BaZing Local has doubled since 2015, adding a wide range of businesses, from restaurants to auto repair shops to specialty retailers.

“The opportunity for a local merchant to offer a discount is an easy and very low cost way to encourage more business from the thousands and thousands of loyal and local customers or members that have a checking account at a typical bank or credit union. Our BaZing Local team is frequently met with lots of enthusiasm and excitement from the merchants they visit to share the opportunity,” said Dave Crook, the StrategyCorps Partner responsible for BaZing Local. “Over half of the merchants we approach sign up immediately. Our bank and credit union clients often accompany our BaZing Local team members and are always visibly touched to see the positive community impact they’re creating with small businesses. This is validated by not only our record growth in merchant acquisition over the last 12 months but also by the fact that our sign-up rates are at an all-time high.”

Joining the discount network presents no upfront cost to the local merchant other than the cost of the discount it offers. Every deal is also geofenced so when a qualified bank customer or credit union member is near a participating merchant, that merchant’s mobile coupon is sent via push notification right to their mobile phone.

The local merchant discount network is just one of several benefits the customizable BaZing mobile app delivers. Other typical benefits include cell phone protection, roadside assistance and identity theft protection. These value-rich, appealing benefits provide banks and credit unions the ability to differentiate their consumer checking accounts from the competition and introduce a loyalty-based rewards program or a value-based fee income account.

“Many of our bank and credit union customers have told us that the local deals aspect is one of the main draws of our BaZing mobile solution,” added Crook. “They’re able to give back to their communities by extending the benefit of driving more business to local merchants and by providing value to their checking customers or members.”

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