Paperless Activation



Sign up is a breeze.


Customers can easily sign up for BaZing and get started with the app right when they’re in your branch. 

When your employees are opening accounts for customers, they can also get customers activated for BaZing on the spot. Customers will simply receive a text with a link to the App Store or Google Play to download the BaZing app. One quick download later and they’re read to take advantage of the benefits!




Totally, completely paperless. 


If you’ve ever learned about our competitors, you may know that they’ll have you sending home customers with paper welcome kits. With BaZing, the only thing customers will be taking home is their new, ready to use mobile app, no paper welcome kits or instruction manuals required. 


Get started today by learning more about how BaZing takes your checking accounts far beyond the basics.

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