Our Favorite Monthly Subscription? Our Community Bank!

Garrelts family photo (Amy, Elizabeth, Max, and Claire)

Members of the Garrelts family, which includes Chris (the unseen photographer), his wife, Amy, and their three teens (Elizabeth, Max, and Claire), saved $35 per ticket at Universal Studios Hollywood — plus another $1,200 in unforeseen cell phone repair costs, all thanks to their checking account powered by BaZing. By Chris Garrelts As a father…

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Staying Productive at Home

In The News Banner

Bryan Clagett, Director of Strategic Initiatives at StrategyCorps, has been featured in an article by TheStreet, a subscription service offering investment and stock trading subscriptions to those interested in investment opportunities! Learn about Bryan’s tips for staying productive in a remote work environment in their article, 12 Tips for Working From Home.

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Amazon’s Case for Offering Free Checking Accounts

The speculation around Amazon’s potential entrance into banking has only heightened, thanks to the recent reports of Amazon being in talks with big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Capital One. While it’s unlikely that Amazon actually plans to become a bank itself, these types of partnerships further reveal that getting in on the banking action is moving up on its “take over the world” to-do list.

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What if Amazon Offered a Checking Account?

Amazon Prime, Video, Music, Fresh, Alexa—all loved by many, but would consumers also care for an Amazon checking account? One recent survey says that, yes, a subscription based, value-added checking account is the best thing since free two-day shipping.

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