Fix Your Retail Checking Portfolio’s Drag on Earnings

Grow and simplify your way out of the earnings slump caused by 35% of your accounts being financially unengaged.

The Power of Great Checking

Greater household deposit and loan relationships, more fee income, increased satisfaction and stellar new account growth.

Modern Mobile-First Checking Solutions

Products are more important than ever to optimize financial productivity and more successfully connect with consumers, especially those under 40.

Compete More Successfully Against the Megabanks

While these banks may have the upper hand investment-wise in technology and marketing, they don’t have the winning hand product-wise...yet.

Capitalize on How Consumers Make Purchases

Bring a subscription fee-based purchasing model like Amazon Prime, Costco, Spotify and other great retailers to your checking products.

The Power of
Great Checking

Greater household deposit and loan relationships, more fee income, increased satisfaction and stellar new account growth.

Today's Checking Battle

It’s more important than ever that your retail checking line-up and products optimally perform in terms of financial performance and user experience. Why?

  • Net interest margins are being tightly squeezed (a ten basis point slippage in net interest margin means $1 million in lost revenue per billion of assets)
  • Debit card interchange (nearly 30% of non-interest income) is experiencing a major decline and hit to revenue from just the spending drop alone
  • Quality loan production (after the PPP loans are completed and roll off the balance sheet) is questionable
  • User experience with mobile and online banking is more critical in a consumer's decision where to primarily bank and the megabanks are clearly in the lead (spending billions on digital banking and continuing to spend to widen this user experience gap and on marketing to steal your customers/members)

Winning the Checking Battle

Winning the battle requires your financial institution's checking line-up to be weaponized. You must have a prescriptive, actionable analysis of what’s working and not working financially in your current checking portfolio and what’s missing from your current checking products to better engage, acquire and retain customers/members.

Only then are you able to make fully-informed decisions about exactly how to arm your checking line-up with products that have:

  • Great revenue production to generate acceptable financial returns
  • Meaningful product difference and superior consumer appeal to compete and beat the megabanks
  • Simplicity and real value that’s easy to understand, buy, and sell

This is exactly what StrategyCorps does - generating, on average, $500,000 of new revenue per billion of assets, and delivering checking products consumers are demanding and your competition isn't delivering.




Analytics with an Action Plan

Identify and benchmark your current checking performance. Implement an actionable strategy to protect and grow the most financially productive relationships and fix and grow the ones that are dragging down your financial institution’s earnings.



Monetizing Mobile with Friendly Revenue

Generate more customer and member friendly revenue with a white-label mobile rewards app delivering modern, innovative checking benefits that consumers want and need in their everyday lives and are market proven to be more engaging.

Better Products.
Better Consumer
and Small Business Connection.
Better Bottom Line.

Your financial institution’s retail and small business checking line-up must achieve all these to compete successfully today and in the future. 

This is what our top-performing solutions deliver.

Thought Leadership

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Competing with Google Plex and the Digital Banks

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Competing with Google Plex and the Digital Banks

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