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StrategyCorps Receives Multiple Awards, Including “Special Event,” at United Way of Williamson County’s Annual Awards Event

StrategyCorps has been recognized by the United Way of Williamson County for their work on behalf of the nonprofit. The company received the “Special Event Award” and multiple other awards for their 2016 campaign at the United Way of Williamson County’s annual awards event, which took place earlier this month.

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Where Credit Unions May Be Missing Out

FOMO. Squad. Bae. Shade. If a credit union doesn’t understand the meaning of the terms, it isn’t alone. However, the credit union may be missing out on connecting with one of the fastest growing segments in the financial industry. 

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Connecting with Mobile and Millennials

“If you believe mobile services and Millennials are important to the future of our industry, we’ve got to do a better job of learning their language,” he said.

DeFazio showed numerous examples of experience-based mobile apps that are changing the way the financial industry works. “Experience trumps service,” he reiterated time and again, driving home the point that mobile users care more about the experiences offered through their apps than they do the types of services.

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Rewards, Fintech, and the End of Free Checking

Join our conversation with Money Summit, powered by MX, where we describe how technology can help banks better reward customers and how banks and fintech companies can work together more effectively. 

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Will Consumers Buy Mobile Banking Subscriptions?

The number of people using subscription services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club continues to soar. Can financial institutions take advantage of this new business model?

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What to Do About the 35% of Checking Customers Costing You Money

This content originally appeared here: [ LINK ] By Mike Branton Consumer checking, while the simple hub product for most…

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What to Do About the 65% of Checking Customers Making You Money

This content originally appeared here: [ LINK ] By Mike Branton In a previous article, I wrote about the challenge…

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What Bankers Should Know About Consumer Checking Financial Performance

We actively track, quantify, rank and analyze nearly 4 million checking account relationships of community financial institutions nationwide. See our latest research that reveals the bottom line reality of checking.

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How Modern Consumers are Redefining Their Relationships with Banks

Consumers’ relationships with banks are becoming dependent on how products and mobile banking fit in with their lifestyles. And if that relationship is going downhill, customers are much quicker to break up with their bank. That’s why leading banks are on the prowl to find the next great way to offer more than just the basics. They’re adding interesting features to mobile, introducing ways to help customers save money and offering more relevant benefits — all to create positive, lasting relationships with customers.

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The Profitability of the Average Checking Account

Maintaining a customer’s checking account costs your financial institution money. The American Bankers Association estimates the annual cost to a bank to maintain a checking account is between $250 and $400 per year.  For community financial institutions with less than $5 billion in assets, the average according to other researchers is closer to $250 to $300.

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