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Mobile Banking: From Transaction to Experience

There’s been a significant shift in the retail landscape and the way people prefer to purchase. Today’s consumers expect more than just the ability to buy a product or, in the case of credit unions, conduct basic transactions. Instead, they expect a full-fledged experience.

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What’s Next for Mobile Banking?

Big banks are moving up the ranking and overtaking smaller banks in terms of satisfaction. They simply have what the mobile services customers want, when they want it. And they effectively communicate what they have. What good is having services if your customers don’t know about it? It’s like having a giant diamond but never being able to wear it. It’s [past] time to take the plunge and go beyond the basics. 

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CUbroadcast: Why CUs Need to Venture Beyond the ‘Big 5′ of Mobile Banking with StrategyCorps’ Dave Defazio

This content originally appeared here: [ LINK ]   According to StrategyCorps Partner Dave DeFazio, there are five mobile banking “must haves”…

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Nothing for Something?

This content originally appeared here: [ LINK ] By Mike Branton Every consumer is intrigued by the offer of something…

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